Our company

Riskineering B.V. is a consultancy from The Netherlands that offers support for decision problems involving uncertainties and risks. The core of our activities lies in performing (quantitative) risk analyzes and in setting up, implementing and supporting risk management processes. This is reflected in our name.

Our activities are primarily focused on projects and programs in the construction sector, especially civil engineering. The size of the projects can vary in costs, lead time, administrative and technical complexity. Our work is applicable to all phases of a project, from (early) study to maintenance.

We mainly participate in clients’ projects, but we also operate on the market side, both nationally and internationally, always from a professionally independent position.

Our postal address is:
Wilde Gagel 63
2498 ER The Hague
The Netherlands

You can call us:
+31617236225 (Duko Roeleven) or
+31626334507 (Joris Hoogerwerf)
or e-mail us: info@riskineering.nl