Our services

Riskineering offers support for decision problems in which uncertainties and risks are involved. This can vary from supporting a one-off analysis to setting up, implementing and executing a continuous risk management process. The activities are always linked to the specific project objectives (often expressed in time and money) and depending on the projectphase.

We use a quantitative approach when carrying out our work.

To increase the quality of our work, Riskineering uses various tools and techniques. For example, when quantifying risks, the “Combination of Expert Opinions” is used, intended to reduce the subjectivity of estimates.

Riskineering develops specific risk analysis and risk management tools to make its own efforts as efficient as possible. These accelerate and improve the process of registering and analyzing as well as obtaining the desired management information. This includes the development of risk databases.

Riskineering is an expert and reliable partner that operates from a professionally independent attitude. The timely delivery of high-quality products is our top priority. In doing so, we are as flexible as possible.